Meet the Drink Up Fountain

At Drink Up, our mission is to get more people to drink more water more often. And to accomplish that goal, we’re willing to do just about anything – including building a special kind of water fountain to help spread the word. Because while the Drink Up Fountain may look like a regular fountain, it sure doesn’t sound like one. See what happens when these unsuspecting drinkers put their lips to the water.

“River of Life”

As a special birthday gift, our good friends Q. Worthy, BJ Gray, Josh Banks, Sy. Smith and Maria Christiansen wrote us a birthday song called “River of Life”, featuring Cam Anthony and Doug E Fresh.

Happy Birthday to Us

September 12 is Drink Up’s first birthday. So watch us celebrate the only way we know-how.

John Legend Asks Us to Drink Up

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend wants us all to raise a glass and cheers to water. In this 15-second message Legend singles out drinking water as one of the healthiest choices, we can each make every day because “you’re going to drink something, and what you drink is up to you,” so why not Drink Up?

Drink Up

Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) que trabaja con el sector privado y el Presidente Honorario la Primera Dama Michelle Obama y la periodista y presentadora de televisión Cristina Saralegui se han unido en esta colaboración, para motivar a todos a beber más agua. Eres lo que bebes. Cuando bebas agua, bebe con ganas.

Drink Up Simpleshow

Simpleshow and Partnership for a Healthier America team up to explain why you should Drink Up.

“Drink WAT-AAH!” By Yung Day 1

“Drink WAT-AAH!” is the first single from Yung Day 1, dedicated to promoting healthy hydration to kids and the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up initiative encouraging Americans to drink more water, more often.